Filmas Privorot. Chernoe venchanie / Užkeikimas. Juodosios vestuvės online nemokamai lietuviskai

Užkeikimas. Juodosios vestuvės

( Privorot. Chernoe venchanie )
2021 4.2 90 min Lietuvių k.
Jūsų įvertinimas: 0
7 40 balsai

Filmas Užkeikimas. Juodosios vestuvės online (2021) lietuviskai nemokamai

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Dark Spell is a story about the girl named Zhenya who suffers from being in love with her husband that has left her, so she decides to bring him back. Desperate heroine casts a spell called „Black Wedding“, which is a magical ritual known for its great power and irreversibility. After the ritual, her beloved husband comes back, although his love becomes more like an obsession: he is even ready to kill Zhenya, so as not to give her to anyone. When the maddened husband dies, the spell does not stop: because even death will not part those who were betrothed by the demon of black wedding.

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Originalus pavadinimas Privorot. Chernoe venchanie 
IMDb įvertinimas 4.2 225 balsai 
TMDb įvertinimas  6.3 3 balsai
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  • S.02/08/2021Atsakyti

    Žiauriai patiko filmas 10/10

  • Gabe20/08/2021Atsakyti

    Tobulas filmas, be to, gal žinote pabaigoje kur yra daina jos pavadinimą? Labai patiko.

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