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Filmas Beckett / Beketas online nemokamai lietuviskai


( Beckett )
2021 5.6 109 min Lietuvių k.
Jūsų įvertinimas: 0
8.3 7 balsai

Filmas Beketas online (2021) lietuviskai nemokamai

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Whilst vacationing in Greece, Beckett, becomes the target of a manhunt after a devastating car accident forces him to run for his life across the country to clear his name but tensions escalate as the authorities close in and political unrest mounts which makes Beckett fall even deeper into a dangerous web of conspiracy.

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Originalus pavadinimas Beckett 
IMDb įvertinimas 5.6 16,397 balsai 
TMDb įvertinimas  6.3 219 balsai
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